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100% Online

Why study online?

Studying completely online has some great advantages

  • Study at a time of day that suits you
  • Spend extra time on the things you are challenged by, and speed through parts that are easy
  • Flexible start dates on most programmes
  • Work remotely, study from anywhere you have an internet connection

eCampus NZ

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NMIT has partnered with several of New Zealand's major tertiary education providers to create the eCampus NZ(external link) learning platform which allows us to offer you

Study options

Explore all the study options available(external link), and enrol today, through eCampus NZ.

Blended study

We understand that you need to be able to fit study around your work and lifestyle, therefore we have a wide range of study options available on our Blended (Face-to-face) programmes too:

  • Full time study usually consists of 120 credits per year. For a full time student, study is their primary occupation.
  • Part time study means taking less credits over a longer period of time to achieve a qualification, so you can balance study with your current work, family or other commitments. Our student learning advisors can help you put together a study plan that will help you decide how long you want to spend studying each week, and when you can expect to finish your qualification.
  • Blended or Face-to-face study means you have a location (usually Nelson or Marlborough campus) where you physically attend classes with fellow students. You will have a timetable with particular times you need to attend class. You may attend class on a weekly basis, or only monthly or less - but you will be expected to physically attend some kind of class or workshop. See the individual programme details for attendance requirements.
  • Online (but not completely) We have a few programmes that we deliver at NMIT that are predominantly online, giving maximum flexibility to fit study around your work, family and life commitments - with some face-to-face delivery at particular times during the qualification. Find out more about which parts of the programme are delivered face-to-face on each of the individual programme pages.

Want more?

If you haven't found what you are looking for, please contact us(external link), we are happy to help in any way we can.

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